Everyday life

Even the sky was orange on Friday
Morning before the rain

A collection of random pictures


Wild parakeets are invading the city.

The Night Before The New Normal.

Tomorrow is the first school day in our school district. Backpacks are ready; food is prepared for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. The new addition to…

Half Moon Bay

One of the advantages of living in the San Francisco Bay area is that in any direction that we drive from the valley, also know…

A gift

A friend of mine gave me as a present a set of measure spoons to be used as a prompt in my pictures.


 I picked up a red camellia and a couple eucalyptus branches from my garden this morning. I made this simple flower arrangement.


First day of October and I harvest the first pomegranate from our tree in the garden this morning. Fall is taking its time to arrive…




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